$65.00 CAD
$399.00 Setup Fee
Local and Cloud Backup (Hybrid)
A local backup may be quicker for recovery purposes, but the cloud provides that off-site location in the event of a primary location disaster. Local backup typically requires more in-house management and staff time. It's important to consider the many elements of cloud backup.
$450.00 CAD

Restore Service
Don't let criminals hold your data hostage. With TASProvider, recovering your data is as simple as eliminating the malware, deleting the criminally encrypted files, and restoring a good copy of your valuable data.
$450.00 CAD

Backup Validation
Backup validation is an important measure that should be included in any disaster recovery plan. It allows testing consistency and recoverability of your backups and also enables you to predict how much it will take to restore files after a data loss event.